Painting by Kathy Spears (‘69)

Alumni Association 50th Class Reunion Ideas

Congratulations, your class is planning your 50th Class Reunion.  The Putnam City High School Alumni Association would like to offer some ideas for your class.  Your class is the Honored Class at the All Class Reunion held on the last Sunday of October.  Your class will be presented Medallions.

The Association needs a head count of your classmates who will be attending the All Class Reunion, by the end of August.  We will also need a class picture for the All Class Reunion Program.  The picture will be copied and returned to you.

The Alumni Association will provide you with an up-to-date list of classmates with addresses, phone numbers and email address.  Please send an up-to-date listing of information on your class after your reunion.  This way, our records will be current.

We would like for you to offer your classmates Life Time Memberships to the Putnam City High School Alumni Association.  We would provide you with an original that you can copy and hand out at your reunion.  Lifetime memberships are currently $100.00.

We would also like for your class to collect money for at least one scholarship.  You can collect money to give a scholarship in the name of your class, or you can donate the money to the Alumni Association to be used to help with their scholarships.  Each year the Alumni Association gives away two scholarships of $500 each in the name of Ralph Downs and Nellie Jo Meador McMillin.  The Alumni Association would love to be able to give away more scholarships to the children of past graduates of Putnam City High School.  With your classes help, we can do this.

Your class is also encouraged to collect donations of money or items to be given to the Alumni Association or for the Putnam City Schools Museum.

This is the information from the Alumni Association
pertaining to our 50
th celebration
October 25th, 26th, & 27
th, 2019.

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In November 2019, after the 50th reunion, this website will no longer be available.

There have been no contributions to help keep it going, and therefore, I will no longer be able to cover the cost.
--Cheryl Dixon Jones